Monday, December 28, 2009


So Maddy has a new obsession and that's right it is Santa lol. For the last month all we have been watching and hearing about is the big jolly fellow. I attribute this to us mailing her binkies to him back in November. lol. In fact last night she explained to me that she was going to ask Santa for them back next time we seen him, my child is only 2, where does she come up with this stuff. :) Due to her obsession we have watched every Christmas movie imaginable this year :). This made me happy, as i love love love them but everyone else not so much :). We also went to see him 2 times. The first time she had breakfast with him and was super excited to be able to give him a hug when we left. The second time was at bass pro back home. We waited in line for an hour and when we were next she ran up to him screaming SANTA! I had to run and grab her because the little boy ahead of us was not done yet lol. Finally she was very excited to leave him cookies and milk, we even left the reindeer carrots. When she woke up Christmas morning she was so excited that he ate them and kept asking me why. lol. Tonight she asked if we could leave him cookies again, i had to explain he only came once a year and she was devastated. :)

the joys of Santa :), my kiddo is so dang cute :)

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Jackie said...

I agree so dang cute and smart too! I love her sooo much!!!