Sunday, November 8, 2009


So everyone out in blog world I have learned something very interesting over the last 3 months, life gets a hold of you with all its excitement and changes and you forget to update your blog. :) Any who, I will really try to be more diligent but cannot make any promises :). I will make a few posts the first being a real fast picture recap of the wonderful summer we have had. Jason and I are both teaching for Columbus and as this is my first year in the classroom it can be hard to find extra time to update but I will definitely try.

The summer :) -- PS: my baby is big :)

my crazy dog passed puppy class lol. Wish she showed it.
RIP Snickers -- she passed away a few weeks ago at only 7 months old.
Madison loves this things lol funny pic though


Melissa said...

What happened to Snickers? I don't remember this. How did he die so young?

froggygrleb said...

we have no idea. A few weeks ago we hadnt seen her that day and went looking for her. My Ronanda and jason found her under the bed. We had an autopsy done to see if it was something that could have affected the other cats but the tests came back as cause of death undetermined. there are still tissue samples out. I thought i texted you when it happened. I almost cried when i seen the pic. Poor thing.