Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Baby is 2 :( :)

Well it happened Madison turned 2 on the 27th or october. It seems like only yesterday I was going to the hospital to have her. so much has changed sense then. our house, my job, and simply life in general. Her party went well. It was very simple this year just a lot of family and few of my friends. She had a blast painting pumpkins with her bestest friend ella.

My child at two.....
1. can talk in sentences
2. can run around like a crazy person
3. still uses a binky :(
4. loves to read books ( in fact is begging me now)
5. eats like a champ
6. prefers veggies over meat any day.
7. is very immaginative and playful.
8. is developing a crazy personality
9. sings twinkle twinkly, abc's , and the skinermarink song
10. is the most beautiful little girl ever.

Her party :) -- in no particular order :)

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Melissa said...

You'll have to reteach me the skinnermarinky song. I don't remember how it goes exactly. lol